The RXR-2600 serie is a high density return path
receiver, equipped with a transmitter, operating at 5-65 MHz bandwidth and especially designed for HFC network topology.
The receiver use a high quality PIN photodiode which receives the transmitted light signal and converts it to RF signal.
It is equipped with a Return Path Transmitter to transport return information from the optical node site or Hub towards the
A single unit collects from up to 24 return band groups, offering full flexibility and a cost efficient solution. Its compact
design and integrated functions are particularly interesting when the number of the return lines is important.
The multiple RP Receiver is ideally used when the number of subscribers per return path channel is low. A situation that is typically found in FTTB/FTTH
The module is designed to be rack mounted or may be installed as stand alone in an environmentally controlled outside
Key Features:
High sensitivity, low noise PIN photodiode
Up to 24 optical inputs
Combined Single RF output
Frequency range Bandwidth 5.. 65 MHz
Designed for low density area or FTTH networks
Integrated transmitter.