The optical HubConverter NHC-1000 is designed to provide classical TV and DOCSIS based services over fiber,eliminating the need of active RF amplifiers and all costs associated with deploying and servicing outside cabinets.
The NHC-1000 is based on the OBI safe technology.It is ideal for cable operators who need to ensure legacy CATV services when deploying fiber-based access network. The unit can serve up to 192 home CATV transceiver units and is suitable for rach 19” environment.
The HubConverter transmits the downstream (87...1006 MHz) amplitude modulated analogue CATV programs and the broadcast digital programs in the QAM format individually to each subscriber.
In the upstream direction (5...65MHz) , it collects and transmits the frequency modulated cable modem signals (DOCSIS) from each subscriber towards the Hubstation and Headend.
It can be configured either for coax input for traditional HFC architecture or fiber optic in case of fiber deep architecture.
The HubConverter is typicaly used in high population density areas delivering simultaneously broadband services and full interactivity to a group of business or residential premises over multi-mode or single optical fiber.
The unit provides the option of remotely or locally isolating the downstream path, allowing the network provider to prevent unauthorised usage of the network. This device is equiped with a Controller allow you to monitoring and set the RF attenuation via Internet or SNMP.
The module is designed to be rack mounted or may be installed as stand alone in an environmentally con- trolled outside cabinet.

Key Features:

Two-way communication, analogue and digital broadcast transmission
Coaxial or optical Inputs, 192 ports Output
Redundance on power supply and on optical input feed
Evolutionary platform with modular design
Access ring diameter up to 3km
Monitoring facility
Rack 19” mounting