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EMC, has been a leading innovator in CATV technology.
Based upon a solid experience in the field of CATV, and thanks to close contact with major cable operators, EMC has acquired the technical expertise to design and build state of the art networks. Our primary aim is to provide outstanding value. We reach a high level of competence in developing CATV devices, service and engineering support and optical OEM products.
In order to serve the growing world of high speed communication, EMC has enlarged its product range with high frequency opto-electronic products:

- Laser Transmitters
- Optical receivers
- Optical MUX/DEMUX

Today, only with a full understanding of the customer’s requirements and of the evolving technologies can customer driven-solutions be applied. EMC ‘s strength lies in our ability to find solutions that allow a progressive transition from the more traditional technology into new technology.

EMC offers a wide range of optical fibre OEM products. EMC deals with analogue products operating from DC to 2Ghz, digital products operating up to 2.5Gbs and links for distances to beyond 50Km. These technologies allow us to optimize the transmission capability of an optical link with WDM technology. Our close collaboration with the local technical University and highly specialized companies creates a competence network, which strengthens our R&D capacity, reducing the time to market of the product as well as increasing our capabilities in specific areas. In a typical projecta WDM optical system for the transmission of broadband CATV signals with ATM on a single fibre has been developed.
EMC is a dynamic company managed to respond quickly to the needs of a cable network.
Therefore EMC is preparing and anticipating the future technology. Home Network, Access Network, Metropolitan Network are the natural extensions to the fibre optic backbone, to achieve the necessary broadband for the new communications. Professional operations require reliability, easy maintenance and high performance. Cable operators want to regain quickly their investments in new broadband services.
Customers hope to have the innovative multimedia services at low cost. Searching for the solutions, we keep in mind and pay attention to these expectations. Our prime goal is to permit an open transport of analogue and digital communications standards. That means compatibility with and integration of multi – proprietary solutions; this approach protects your equipment and investments.